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Coen Mitchell
Coen Mitchell


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I am a Professional Tattoo Artist based in Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand. I work with 4 talented artists in Matt Jordan's Ship Shape Tattoo Studio and have been tattooing for 3 years. Currently I am planning to travel over the world to different destinations to pursue my tattooing passion and to learn more as an artist.

Recently I have created and developed a fine linework/dotwork style which I have labelled "Mosaic flow". Mosaic flow is inspired from Polynesian based patterns, symmetry and use of flow on the body. Other than my passion for creating dotwork and lines, I love tattooing black and grey realism - primarily portraiture and animals, and sometimes a bit of colour.

I have also established new line of Mosaic prints and tees series for people who admire the style of Mosaic Flow but may not have the opportunity to travel to get work tattooed on them - these are available on my website.