Helios Tattoo is aware that Chinese counterfeiting of both USA and European made products is an issue in the tattoo industry. In an effort to be proactive against the inevitable counterfeiting of Helios products, and to protect both the artists using our products, and the distributors promoting our brand, we are listing all authorized suppliers of Helios Tattoo in this section of our website.

If you purchase any Helios branded products, either directly from Helios Tattoo, or from any of the distributors on our list, you can be sure that you are getting a 100% legitimate Helios branded product, backed by our 1 year manufacturer warranty.

If you have what appears to be a Helios product that was not purchased directly from Helios Tattoo, or one of the suppliers on our authorized distributor list, we will consider it to be a counterfeit product and will not honor any warranty.

Razorblade Products Inc

Razorback Tattoo Supply

Mobile Tattoo Supply

Darkside Supply

Tommy's Supplies

Northern Tattoo Supply Canada

New England Surgical Center

Risen Tattoo Products

Republic Tattoo Supply of New Mexico

Coalition Tattoo Supplies

Unlimited Inkz

Tattz Supplies

Black & White Tattoo Supply

Superior Tattoo Source

Franklin's Tattoo Supply

Custom Tattooz