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Jose Flores
Jose Flores

Product Code: JOSE-FLORES

13 Years into his tattooing career, and Jose Flores is already quite the hidden masterpiece. Jose’s earliest memories of being fascinated by art dates back to when he recalls all of the large murals he would see in Mexico as a child.

At 11, he began apprenticing as an Auto mechanic. And it wasn’t until his late 20’s that Jose’s love for art eventually took hold when he resolved to set aside the garage tools and propel himself into tattooing.

Throughout his life, his personal artwork has seemed to have always gravitated towards religious oriented themes along with cultural art of the Aztecs & Mayans. One close look at his tattoo & you can see for yourself his attention to detail that is accompanied with impeccable line work in company with smooth blending. And not only in black and grey, but just as credible in his color work.

Even his own peers accuse him of using “photoshop magenta” in his floral work.

When asked about doing his very first tattoo design, Jose states, "I’m still waiting on my cheeseburger,” which was promised as compensation.

IG: @tattoosbyjoseflores