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Patrick Folkes
Patrick Folkes


My start into the tattoo world was a very sudden and unexpected Journey which has been fruitful to say the least. I graduated College in 2007 and entered the corporate world(unrelated to tattooing) and worked in Sales for many years. I was very good at it, but it was very stressful and I started to despise it. At heart I always considered myself an artist from as early as I can remember, but reality suppressed the artistic side of me for many years. I hated corporate life, but it paid the bills at the time so I did what I had to do. Out of pure boredom of that life I decided to draw one day and one of my close friends saw my drawing and suggested that I should look into tattooing and that he could see me being considered one of the best. Once he mentioned that, a lightbulb went on in my mind. The thought never crossed my mind until that moment, and once it did, it quickly became an obsession. I researched how to get into the tattoo industry and realized that it was within reach and in 2014 I started my Journey into the Tattoo World and never looked back.

Once introduced to this industry I instantly fell in love with it. Whether its meeting great new people and networking, or the freedom of artistic expression, I quickly found my footing and worked to create a solid reputation and foundation that others would be able to respect. I didnt want to become just “a guy who tattoos”, I wanted to be thought of as one of the best artists out there. My style of tattooing gravitated towards Black and Grey Realism but is not limited to it. That mostly ranges from Animal and Celebrity Portraits to full themed sleeves. I knew a lot of people all over Long island prior to tattooing so that helped in my transition into the new lifestyle…I opened my own shop in August 2015 and named it “Royalty Ink Body art and Gallery”. It has grown exponentially in reputation since then and I plan to expand to other locations. The great thing with the Tattoo world is that the sky is the Limit and anything is possible. I embrace anything and everything that comes my way in this journey because I know that I have what it takes to handle it.

IG: @pstrokes_tattoos