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Eunb Jung
Eunb Jung

Product Code: EUNB-JUNG

My name is Eunb Jung and I’m a tattooer living in Seoul, South Korea. I was drawn to art early on in life when I was still a young child. On a family holiday to Austria, I saw the work of a painter named Gustav Klimt which inspired new emotion within me and a desire to be something bigger than myself. I, too, wanted to create scenes that could move people even in my absence. Before finding this profession, I tried many jobs that left me feeling unappreciated and undervalued. By taking on a career in art, I’ve found a way to both be true to myself and contribute to my community. My style and talent have progressed naturally over the years through experience and changing trends. The joy and challenge of tattooing is that you must keep the client in mind in the artistic process which means your self-expression is sometimes sacrificed to please the customer- the tradeoff is that your work will forever be carried with that person, wherever they go.

IG: @eunb.tt