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Monte Agee
Monte Agee

Product Code: MONTE-AGEE

A 20+ year veteran to tattooing, Monte first stepped into the spotlight only a few short years into his career, and has been successfully decorating the lives of countless individuals from all over the planet ever since. He has also been continually recognized for his “painterly style” of tattooing in multiple areas of media over the span of his ever-growing portfolio.

Whether it is showcased adorning the small area of the wrist or covering large sections of the human torso, there is no question that Monte was meant for his current line of practice. Monte's passion for the trade leaves quite the lasting impression, and continues over into his personal life as well. When Monte isn’t tattooing, he enjoys spending the remainder of his time at the amusement park alongside his beautiful wife and children.

Monte currently owns and operates out of Vault 74 Tattoo, located in Greenwood, Indiana.

IG: @montetattoo