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Allex Redd
Allex Redd

Product Code: ALLEX-REDD

Mikhail Ollison(born 1988) better known by his artist name “Allex Redd”, is an American artist and entrepreneur. He is currently a traveling tattoo artist, painter, photographer and the co-owner of Truth-N-Art tattoo shop in the Greenville-Spartanburg area with longtime friend Marcus Tate. Born with a passion for art in all its forms he found an escape from his tumultuous upbringing and despotic environment by drawing, writing and composing music. As time passed he eventually found himself being introduced to the world of tattooing in 2014 as his artwork caught the attention of others through social media, magazines and television platforms. His artwork varies in styles, always pushing his potential with the goal of leaving his permanent mark in the culture.

IG: @Allexreddink