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Daebeom Kim
Daebeom Kim

Product Code: DAEBEOM-KIM

Hello, my name is Daebeom Kim. I am a tattoo artist who is based in Seoul, South Korea. I do tattoo micro realism and fine tattoos.

Main subjects are portrait, myth art and nature things.

I was born in 1988 in South Korea and since I was young, I have had an interest in art and talent, too.

I studied art almost my whole life and love it. When I was in San Francisco USA to study art in an art University in 2009, I encountered the tattoo industry by coincidence. Tattooing was really interesting for me at that time but back then, I never would have expect to become a tattoo artist.

After nearly 10 years of thinking about tattoos, in 2018, I jdecided that I wanted one. I couldn't find a way to get tattooed so rather than going out of my way, I decided to get a tattoo machine and learn how to do it myself. I thought it looked fairly easy and might be fun for me. Of course it was not easy and I tried to do perfect work.With time and determination, I've been able to build my skill and execute tattoos that make me really proud.

Now I can do high quality and detailed tattoos and enjoy doing really difficult pieces of tattoo. I also teach tattooing to students who want to be tattoo artists.

IG: @graycodetattoo