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Mike Hill
Mike Hill

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I have always loved art since I was very young, art class was the best time of r the day when the art teacher rolled her cart into your home room with here art cart I knew the excitement was about to begin. in middle school I took as many class related to art or being creative I possibly could. but it wasn't enough I would doodle on my notebooks on my binders or in my text books. as high school came the classes got more in depth, I guess my favorite part was when we could free draw or was taking out of our classroom setting to go draw structures. fast forward to when I was 15 like alot of young people I was introduced to the ink world through parties and dumb friends my 1st exposure was the needle and thread style, I got a pick and poke tattoo on the inside of my foot arch of my girl friends initials and that was a wrap from party dots to skulls and crudely scrawled names on my forearm the bug hat bit me and I had the itch. fast forward to 18- 21 lets just say I learned how to better my skills with a homemade machine and the itch kept growing. back then I found it hard to even talk to people within this society the people where secretative and the equipment was very expensive.

Fast forward to 1996 my grandmother who had watched me excel using home made equipment got me started in my own shop with the right equipment and I grew from there, so I opened my very 1st tattoo studio I had no idea how to run a business all I knew is I wanted to tattoo on people maybe make a little money and see where it took me . the only sad part is I got so far away from drawing that tattoo flash was my main source of tattoo work. it wasn't until the last 5 years of tattooing that I got back into the art of it. present day i am the proud owner of the very popular brand known as Flesh to Fantasy Tattoo Emporium I own 2 stores one in Bellefontaine Ohio and one in Marysville Ohio.

We also have our brand being used by a sister store in Springfield Ohio. in the last few years I feel now that I have gotten back into the art of tattooing I have elevated myself I have won over 24 awards in various categories and traveled the world. myself and my studios are doing 12-24 tattoo conventions a year pushing our art to the next level winning trophies and pushing the brand.