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Teryn Lance
Teryn Lance

Product Code: TERYN-LANCE

I began my career in tattooing in 2007, at a small shop in Western South Dakota. I was working as a bartender prior to tattooing and going to school for art. Early in my apprenticeship I began to realize more so that I was being taught more of the bad habits of the industry, and basically everything you don’t want to do. So I decided to explore other studios and learn all I could mostly through practicing on myself and fake skins. Eventually I ended up getting a spot with a local studio that had a great reputation where I began to work and was retaught everything about tattooing by my mentors Kevin Troxel, Loren Gooden & studio owner Matt Thrash. Here I learned everything I had missed out on in tattooing and began to develop my own style of tattooing.

I was taught every style of tattooing as to never simply be a one trick pony, and to be able to accommodate anyone that came into the studio. I learned everything I could during my time with them and eventually moved to Arkansas with my wife upon the arrival of our first born child to be closer to family. There I worked for some local studios and eventually opened my own studio in late 2020 called The Black Hare Tattoo in Conway, Arkansas, where I currently reside.

My love for black and grey realism, neo-traditional, and illustrative realism have held tightly and over the years I have focused the majority of my work in those styles, as well as anything nerdy and Star Wars themed. I genuinely love tattooing large pieces of work and strive to create fun pieces of art and amazing experiences for each client that I get to work with.

IG: @teryntattoos