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Nathan Phillips
Nathan Phillips


I was born & raised in Pretoria, South-Africa, and eventually at the ripe age of 21, took my first steps on the path that has led me to this moment.

I come from a family of artistic individuals. All in their own right, and at an early age I found my love for drawing.

As my lovely mother so likes to point out, I would leave her to sleep even through my sickest nights and use the mediums at hand to create -for her of course- an impressionistic artistic representation of my feelings and leave her the everlasting memory of how early my art career flourished all over the walls, my crib and myself!

These days I like the simpler, finer things in life, the crispness of a line, the smooth shading of a magnum and these are the attributes I strive for everyday and with every tattoo!

I like to do black and grey realism, the odd splash of colour and a few straight lines every now and then, never hurt anyone too much.

13 years down the line and I’m still loving every moment, every line and every dot of it!To be honest the only thing I love more is my last.

IG: @nathanphillips_tattoos