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Shaun McNabb
Shaun McNabb

Product Code: SHAUN-MCNABB

My name is Shaun Mcnabb I work at Mcnabbs tattoo, an award winning shop in Boise, Idaho . I've been tattooing for 22 years. I enjoy tattooing more realistic targeted designs, however I am well versed in all styles . I am good at color and black and grey tattoos.

What I love most about this job is all the cool people I get to meet and watching the joy in them when they look at their tattoos. I came from a troubled past ,battling drug addiction and in and out of prison. After hitting rock bottom several times I decided to get sober and stop wasting my life and pour everything I have into tattooing.

Being an artist is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. All I want is to do amazing art and see how far all of you amazing people will let me take it. I've been blessed with awards and have had my work published in several magazines this year. It's always so amazing to me that so many people love my work. I'm truly grateful to everyone's love and support. .

IG: @shaunmcnabbtattoos