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Steve Tefft
Steve Tefft

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My name is Steven Tefft and I’ve been tattooing for over 20 yrs.

In 2012 I tried out for a show called Ink Master on Spike TV and through hard work and a little luck; I won the title of Ink Master Season 2!

This is how it all started….My fascination with tattoos started when I was 7 yrs old, I saw my first tattoo; it was a grim reaper (go figure) and I was hooked. I’ve always been fascinated by monsters and horror images ever since.

When I was in kindergarten I would stay in at recess and draw monsters with bloody eyes. In the 4th grade we had to draw place-mats for Thanksgiving…. I drew a bloody severed head…haha, true story. In 1990 I got my first tattoo equipment and started tattooing my friends, which if you’re wondering is not the way to start!

Realizing that I could only go so far with no knowledge I went to work and learn at a licensed tattoo shop. I put in long, hard hours and with dedication to learn everything I could, and became the artist I am today.

I began getting tattooed by the artists I looked up to such as: Mike Rubendall, Eric Merrill, Liorcifer, Tom Berg, Bill Loika, Shane O’neill and Paul Booth.

In 2009 I opened my very own shop called 12 Tattoos and Body Piercing. I wanted to take the tattooing experience to the ultimate level.